Fleet Profile

Fleet Profile


Specialised Pavement Services currently operates over 60 Truck mounted sweepers including a fleet of compact footpath units, across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


We source our class leading equipment from our preferred suppliers and manufacturers located right here in Australia and in doing so we support Australian innovation and industry. SPS Purchases more new Sweeper machines than any other company in Australia and we can boast the youngest fleet in the country. 


Macdonald Johnston RT655

The RT655 Regenerative Air Suction Sweeper features a 6.3m3; hopper, 900l water tank, 220l fuel tank and 2 x 1000mm gutter brooms with a multi-positioning ‘Rotatilt’ system.

Dust suppression sprays are located within the suction nozzle, forward of the gutter brooms and across the front of the vehicle reducing dust emissions. A high pressure ‘Supawash’ system with hand lance and a 15m hose-reel is fitted to provide enhanced cleaning abilities.

With a 3500mm wide sweep path, this machine is ideally suited to collection of bulky leaf litter within residential areas and also for Airport precincts removing sand, grit, dust and other debris.

Macdonald Johnston VT650 VT605

Our VT Range of Suction Sweepers feature a large 6.3m3 hopper, 1500l water tank capacity and a 3,600mm wide sweep path providing maximum sweeping coverage. This truck has dual sweeping functionality and is fitted with 1300mm centre broom, 2 x 700mm Gutter brooms with multi-positioning ‘Rotatilt’ and Vario gap sucker box enabling it to handle a variety of sweeping conditions.

Dust suppression sprays are located within the suction nozzles, in the channel brush and across the front of the vehicle reducing dust emissions. A high pressure ‘Supawash’ system is also fitted including a hand lance with 15m hose-reel to provide an enhanced cleaning ability.

This machine is ideally suited to construction sites and asphalt\spray sealing works where the powerful brush and suction nozzles can remove the heaviest of debris from road surfaces.

Macdonald Johnston CN201

1.8m³ (hopper volume) capacity and 1.5m discharge height is ideal for tipping into skips or bins. With Macdonald Johnston’s four-wheel-steer option, the CN201 provides the smallest turning circle in its class (3760mm). Low noise levels (73dB(A)) at maximum revs in-cab.

This compact machine is ideally suited to CBD commercial footpaths, bike paths and any other area where size and manoeuvrability are paramount. 

Green Machine – 636HS

1 m³ stainless steel hopper and 800 kg payload capacity. Three-stage dust filtration clean and protect the environment while using 70% less water than traditional street sweepers. Vari-track extendable front track provides stable, 32 km transport speed.

This compact machine is ideally suited to pedestrian footpaths, bike paths and any other access restricted areas.

Macdonald Johnston CN101

This sub-compact Sweeper incorporates safety, efficiency, visibility and performance in a powerful compact package. It has a 3.9m turning circle which is better than any machine in its class and is specifically designed for use in confined spaces with low ground pressure requirements.

It is ideal for cities, townships, shopping malls, hospitals, universities and urban centres. This cost-efficient machine safely and effectively sweeps a variety of surfaces from city sidewalks and pathways, to bike paths, streets, lane ways and much more.


BEAM A12000

The BEAM A12000 is the Super Sweeper of the SPS fleet. This multi-task sweeper washer is designed for the following applications;

  • Airport Stand cleaning
  • Runway Rubber removal
  • Runway and Apron sweeping
  • Liquid pick-up (glycol recovery)
  • Highway Sweeping at up to 40km/hr

The A12000 Sweeper features a 12m3; hopper, 3230l water tank, 200 bar @ 100 l/min high pressure water Spray bar in front of full width suction nozzle.

Additional front spray bar, hand lance and hose reel, 2 x 1100mm diameter side brushes plus special 3rd brush for rubber removal, full width mid mounted suction nozzles with full width brush behind.

This machine is ideal for high pressure washing of pavement surfaces, highway sweeping, including v-drain and Airport Sweeping for rubber removal and the covering of large areas with minimal disruption.