You are responsible for the disposal cost of all waste collected from your job site. If waste tipping is not provided onsite at the sweep location, then waste will be transferred to an EPA compliant and licensed tip site. The Waste disposal cost will be charged back to you at cost.

Yes all SPS vehicles are tracked using a GPS device. This provides detailed telematics which show location, speed, date and time etc in addition to other data such as when sweeping activity is taking place. Up to 3 months of data is available via our tracking tool and up to 7 years of archive history which is available on request.

Yes. SPS can supply plant on a dry hire basis however their is a minimum weekly charge for the equipment. The operator must hold the necessary drivers licence (MR) and must undergo training prior to use. This will include Machine Operation, Plant Risk Assessment and SWMS training.

Yes. Travel or establishment charges apply for the majority of the work we perform, however this is at a reduced rate. Travel will either be charged as an hourly fee or as a fixed establishment fee (Getting to and from remote site). If the work site location is remote then accommodation charges may apply.

There are a number of hazardous materials that cannot be swept up by our road sweeper unless first treated. These items include;

Corrosive Agents
Fuel and Oil
Oxidising Agents
Untreated Sewage Waste

Where waste is correctly treated to make it safe for removal and without risk to the operator or plant, it can be collected but may be subject to disposal as contaminated waste.

Yes a minimum hire period applies for both Day time sweeping and for Night or Weekend work. This is usually 4 hours for Day and 6 hours for Night and or Weekend work. These minimums may be varied under a contractual agreement.

Specialised Pavement Services can provide after hours call out for urgent sweeping requests. Please visit our Contacts page, locate the nearest office and use the published "Call Out" number provided. Supply is contingent on availability, however we will always endeavour to meet with your request.