Associated Services

Associated Services

Network Evaluations

Not all streets within the Council LGA need sweeping at the same frequency, so there is no need to have a program where you are paying for a complete network clean every week. For the first 3 months we start with a complete network evaluation where our drivers rate EVERY street they clean after sweeping. This practice then forms a clear picture of street conditions and the frequency of cleaning required. This analysis is achieved through our Smart Sweep data capture facility. 

The obvious benefit is substantial cost savings to our customers.

Our Smart Sweep technology also has the ability to report back on infrastructure within your network such as a pavement repairs or overhanging tree’s. Defect locations will be reported back to the necessary department at your required intervals via email delivery.

Pavement Washing

Using a high pressure water system fitted to each truck, SPS offers an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean any concrete or paved surface. The Power Wash system, transfers high pressure water onto the surface through a spray bar located underneath the machine. The high pressure system will easily remove built up dirt and deleterious matter prior to overlays and membrane application. 

Manual Cleaning

For those places where the our street sweepers and Pavement Washers cannot go, SPS have the answer. Perfect for Shopping Malls, Hotels, Stairs, Grassed Areas, Events and Festivals, our backpack Blower solution will clean up any areas of restricted access quickly and quietly.

General Cleaning Services

No matter what the cleaning job, from Shopping Malls to Council Car Parks, SPS have the answer. Call now to discuss your specialist cleaning needs.



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