Non-Destructive Excavation

Non-destructive Excavation

If you require any type of Non Destructive Excavation/ground penetrating work, don’t take the risk with conventional machinery (backhoes, excavators, trenchers and post hole diggers). If you do, there is an extremely high risk of damage to the existing underground infrastructure (cables, water, telecommunications, gas and electricity.)

SPS’s Hydro Vacuum Excavation (Non Destructive Excavation) provides a non-destructive, non-evasive, cost-effective and accurate process to safely locate underground services prior to excavation. SPS uses pressurised water to break up soil that is then removed through a vacuum system and deposited into a debris holding tank, to be disposed of at the end of the job.

The system removes ALL waste and leaves a nice clean hole/trench with no unsightly mounds of dirt or messy construction site debris. So before you start your next large or small digging project call SPS.

SPS’s Non Destructive Excavation services include:

  • Drain Cleanout
  • Potholing of Services
  • Sign and Pole Installation (including power poles)
  • Slot Trenching
  • Underground Line Exposing
  • Installing New Underground Facilities
  • Trenching across conflicting services
  • Material / Debris Removal
  • Pipeline Tie-ins/Maintenance
  • Extraction of Wet and Dry Materials
  • Pit & Conduit Cleaning


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