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Street Sweeping Services

The common myth amongst Councils and Government bodies is that they have no choice but to purchase, maintain and operate their own street sweeping division. Operationally this involves considerable effort, manpower and high capital expense. When this approach is taken it will not always deliver the expected results. Reliance on one or two machines becomes problematic when major plant failure occurs. With cleansing programs being a highly visible activity, the public are very sensitive to any decline in the quality and frequency of those services. This can have negative consequences for local council with increased complaints, safety risks and lost productivity.

Throughout Australia, Specialised Pavement Services has been providing councils with alternative, high-quality street sweeping services, without the cost or the risks. With over 20 years of sweeping experience, we have the expertise necessary to develop dependable street sweeping programs that deliver high quality services. 

The first step with all our customers, is to assess the Pavement Asset list. We will determine the correct resource level and plant type and the sweeping required to fulfil your objectives.  To learn how SPS can service your Sweeping needs today please contact us on and request a copy of "Ownership vs Contract" analysis document to get the inside on ownership pitfalls.

In the Private Sector, SPS is the smart choice for your project. We have considerable experience with Asphalt overlay, Spray Sealing, large infrastructure, Rail Corridor and Airport projects . SPS has a strict Safety First Focus and drivers are Fully Trained & Independently Certified. This means you can be assured of a safe and WHS compliant job site.

With a fleet of over 100 full size trucks (with an average age under 4 year old) in addition to a fleet of compact sweepers, We are the contractors you can rely on to get the job done right, on time, every time.



  • Reliability and Experience


  • Safety and Compliance


  • Modern Large Fleet


  • GPS Tracking and Reporting


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