At Specialised Pavement Services we have made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and have adopted practices that ensure sustainable use of resources.

This includes;

  • The purchasing of new Euro 5 & 6 vehicles – fuel efficient, low emissions & low noise vehicles
  • Diversion of material from landfill – SPS have diverted over 10000T of street sweeping from landfill to recycling facilities were the material is repurposed into mulch & other organic products.
  • The paperless workplace – SPS now operate our entire business through web based applications, meaning our business is paper free.
  • Environmental Awareness – SPS partner with Councils to deliver important environmental messages on our street sweepers

In addition to the above SPS believes that a tailored street sweeping program can not only improve the aesthetics of our environment but reduce & prevent contamination of our waterways by foreign material.

Specialised Pavement Services are committed to improving our community and environment by fostering partnerships with public and private sectors, to maintain and protect the environment.



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