At SPS we only operate the most economical Euro 4 and 5 – fuel efficient, low emission, low noise vehicles. We have Australia’s Largest and Youngest fleet and all vehicles are Fully maintained & serviced under strict NHVAS controls.

A regular Sweeping program not only improves the aesthetics of our environment, it can also help to prevent contamination of waterways by litter waste and organic materials. Point Source pollution from Roads, Car Parks and Building sites that introduce litter, sediment and other dangerous contaminants can to some extent be controlled.

The Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 1997 prohibits the deposit or release of substances including, but not limited to, rubbish, oil, sawdust, sand, sediment and building waste into a roadside gutter, storm water drain or a waterway. Failure to abide by this legislation may result in serious penalties for the offender.

Specialised Pavement Services are committed to improving our community and environment by fostering partnerships with public and private sectors, to maintain and protect the environment.



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